Little Note for Myself. September 2018 »»» 453

As usual, this note is nothing but personal report about what I managed to do.

Basically, the month was very hectic and busy. I am still in the process of getting used to living in two cities, which is not an easy thing to do, I should say.  I found a room on Vassily Island, it is of no luxury, sure thing, but I do not need anything more. Just a place to crash when I come to Saint Petersburg and whenever I do not spend time in Kolpino or Helsinki.

There was a whole lot of cities and towns this month: Nakhabino, Moscow, Kimry, Dzerzhinsk, Saint Petersburg, Kolpino, Vyborg, Kronstadt, Yakhroma, Dmitrov, Zelenograd.

I taught English Literature, Rhethoric, and Finnish Practice.

I held four public events: Autumn in Nakhabino (reception), Kimry architecture trip, Vyborg architecture trip, Yakhroma/Dmitrov history and architecture trip.

I wrote a lot extensively this month, too.

30 September 2018. — Nachabinium (Rusthenia)